Golden Eagle Award

Golden Eagle Award, Delux

We are proud to be sharing that our brand has bagged yet another award from Golden Eagle Award. This award is organized by 南洋商报 Nanyang Siang Pau, and aims to honor the best of Malaysian businesses by giving them due recognition for their hard-earned success and outstanding achievements.

DELUX was founded in 2004, specialises in customising and handcrafting auto gates and doors to enhance the ambience of residential spaces. At that time, we exclusively offered customized roofing services to the consumers. Gradually, the products and services were recognized by customers. We expanded our product line including window grilles, gates, and fences in order to delight clients by providing convenience and improving their lifestyle.

DELUX has established a design department to fulfil the customers’ demand, where customers can describe their preferred trackless folding gate design specifications. In 2007, we built our own brand of design, and we developed a variety of design casts to fit the inspiration of nature, giving the trackless gate a 3D texture and helps it look less monotonous. Apart from material and design improvements, we will continue to introduce new colors for various design concepts in order to ensure that our trackless autogates stand out in the market and are distinct from mass produced goods.

After 3 years of research & development and product testing, in 2009, DELUX has successfully launched the first trackless automatic folding gate in Malaysia, obtained the patent of the turning arm lock system (MY-144605-A). However, it was criticized by the general public. After collecting information and feedback from various aspects, we try to improve from our mistakes and reinforce our weak points.

In 2014, the hard work has finally paid off and our product is welcomed by the market. We introduced a set of aluminium trackless automatic folding gates in Malaysia. Our R&D developed the copper bearing to address the problem of rusting and cracking from the traditional iron bearings, which leads to operating failures. We cut down the cost of manpower and is now using automated production system, with 80 percent of our materials being machine-moulded to ensure that the trackless folding autogate made are standardised to reduce maintenance.

In 2014, we officially expanded our business to major cities in South East Asia. We have developed the DELUX application, which can update the latest product information at any time, and it allows the customers to illustrate the selected products installed in their homes before purchasing, enhancing their user experience.

With all the achievements DELUX has made today, our company has earned multiple honours and awards, witnessing the success of DELUX to become the top auto gate manufacturer in Southeast Asia. In 2022, we have more than 1,250 product designs and those are registered by the copyright law to preserve our rights from being imitated.

Our company aim to bring unique design & innovation to every customer and enhance their purchasing experience with us, by delivering the premium quality products with professional service. Last but not least, DELUX’s outlook for the next 10 years is to promote products to countries all over the world, demonstrating that Malaysia is capable of producing high-quality products and improving the industry’s standard.

        Golden Eagle Award, Delux       Golden Eagle Award, Delux

Thank you for naming us as one of the EXCELLENT EAGLE winners under Malaysia 100 Excellent Enterprises in Golden Eagle Award 2022