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Products, Delux

UniGate® D-Trinology System

Patented Turning Arm Lock System gives added stability and security for homes.

3-tier Protection doubles the protection against forced entries and break-ins.

AK 122E Liquid Chemical Purification leaves perfect surface coating smooth to the touch and last longer.

Two-face Welding Technology, a German technology ensures optimal reinforced welding standards.

Copper and Stainless Steel Bearing enhances lifespan and smooth operation of the trackless folding gates.

Products, Delux
Products, Delux
Products, Delux

AlutechDoor® Alubotic System

Engineered with 3D extrusion aluminium frame in 3mm thickness, together with 3mm thick door leaves, the DELUX® AlutechDoor is extremely durable and is not prone to cracks or other defects caused by misuse, pressure or harsh weather conditions.

The architectural grade aluminium alloy in DELUX® AlutechDoor is proven to be 6 times stronger than wrought iron doors.

Completely rust-and-corrosion-resistant to provide homeowners the best lifetime value for their homes.

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