About Us

DELUX® Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd help homeowners in Malaysia and across Asia elevate their environment with patented and fully customisable auto gates, doors, and roong systems.

Be part of a movement that transforms homes into testaments of accomplishments. Incorporate aesthetics with security, safety, and personality.

Enduring Relationship with Highly Skilled Advisors and Experts to Elevate Your Home Environment

Seamless Security and Safety Woven into Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

Reliability and Resourcefulness encased in Innovation

Satisfied customers choose DELUX® for many reasons that goes beyond chic and customised designs.


Thank you for DELUX introducing Trackless Folding Autogate with D-trinology system that provide 3 tier of protection to strengthen your home security.

-Hui Mei 萧慧敏 (Since 2020)-

Very satisfied, pround to be the 1st user of DELUX Aluminium trackless folding gate with LED lights.

-Ms. Koo (Since 2018)-

We are so happy & satisfied with DELUX trackless folding gate. It's durable with modern design, and we no need to worry about gate maintenance now !

-Ms. Siti (Since 2018)-

The 1st Fully Aluminium Trackless Autogate that support up to 36 feet width and 10 feet height in Malaysia.

Fully Aluminium Trackless Autogate that support up to 18 feet width and 7 feet height.

The 1st fully Aluminium Security Door system in Malaysia.

With various material choices from polycarbonate, Laminated glass and aluminium composite.