5 Reasons Why Customers Choose DELUX®

1. Realise Your Creative Aspirations

Let your aspirations of “home sweet home” transcend into reality through custom-made bold and creative auto gate, door, and roofing designs. Leave a lasting unique impression unlike any other when guests visit. With in-house design and fabrication capabilities, you will be guided by experts and craftsmen along the way. Did you renovate your driveway and gate pillar before speaking to us? Getting fully customised auto gates and doors mean you can select the design, colour, and dimensions. Enjoy more flexibility in bringing your visions to life. Before you confirm your order, you get to see if the auto gate, door, or roofing fits with the overall aesthetics of your abode.

2. Design Before Delivery

Receive designs based on your requirements laid over on your home. See how it looks like before you experience the aesthetic enhancement to your abode. Need further customisation? Speak to DELUX® advisors who are more than happy to work with you on customising your auto gate, door, or roof. Satisfied with how it elevates your home? Confirm your selection. Your auto gate, door, or roofing system will be fabricated under the watchful scrutiny of our experts for top-notch quality. Your DELUX® auto gate, door, or roof will then be carefully delivered to your doorstep.

3. Hardworking Teams Ready to Guide You Through

Be guided every step of the way by highly skilled experts. Starting with your query, we began a long-term supportive relationship with us. See how your home looks like with different auto gate, door, and roofing designs. Have discussions with the team to make it more personal before confirming your order. On the days leading to installation, have our friendly advisors keep you updated and informed on what will happen. If you need to clarify anything after installation, you will be attended by friendly and experienced customer service team members who are more than happy to answer your questions.

4. Pushing Boundaries through Innovation

During consultations, share your experience with us. Know that you have a listening ear. Even the most satisfied customers have valuable insights. The story the UniGate® by DELUX® started because of customers’ frustrations with problems arising from monotonous and uninspiring gates and auto gates on the market. When they turned to us, we made it our mission to solve these problems for them. In 2009, the UniGate® by DELUX® received recognition from Brand Laurate and SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd. Since then, customers can choose other customised products including durable doors and long-lasting roofing systems.

5. Broad Network of Domestic & International Partners

Malaysian homeowners can get in touch with our advisors who are more than happy to help guide you through the process. Customers in Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Singapore, and Thailand are served by local partners who deliver an exceptional customer experience like the Malaysian customers. Local partners receive constant support and training from the head office. Fabrication is done at one of two plants in Malaysia. It is then shipped with utmost care to your doorstep. DELUX® local partners will install and provide you with after sales support