DELUX's Story

Discover South East Asia's Number One Autogate Manufacturer

History of Delux

DELUX® Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. is in the business of elevating the ambience of residential spaces through fully customised and crafted auto gates, doors, and digital lock. Our company specialises and excels in refining and transforming our customers’ home into a testament of their accomplishments with expert advisory and design services. Driven by the desire to constantly provide innovative solutions, DELUX Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. invests in research & development (R&D). Our experts and partners are held at a high standard of excellence ensuring our customers receive the best support and experience all the way. DELUX products adorn Malaysian homes as well as residences across Asia in countries like Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Singapore, and Thailand.


Become The Leader In Southeast Asia Security Home Products Industry


Improve People’s Quality Of Life Through Design And R&D


1% Improvement Everyday

The only constant in the market is change. To remain competitive, it is necessary to keep learning and allow ourselves to grow. With 1% improvement a day, we will become 37 times stronger a year later.

Gratitude and Cherish

Cherish all the experiences we have had and thanks to those who have guided us along our journey of success. We are also grateful to be able to return the society with more kindness. 

Customer First

Customers’ satisfaction is the basic requirement. We must carefully understand the needs of customers, do what others do not do, and create greater value for customers.


One person can go fast, but a company with a team can go far. Hence, it is important to be able to work with the colleagues as a team with great communication.

High Execution

Normal idea with high execution is always better than having a wonderful idea with normal execution. In order to be successful, we must set a goal and actions should be taken.

Punctuality and Trustworthiness

Integrity takes three years to build, but it can be destroyed in a day. So we have to do what we have committed to.