Corporate Social Responsibility, Delux
Corporate Social Responsibility, Delux

Corporate Social Responsibility

DELUX considers itself blessed to have been granted the opportunity to engage in various CSR programmes that aid those in need. We are grateful to the society for making us who we are today, as one of DELUX's basic values, "Gratitude and Cherish," states. As a result, as long as DELUX has the capability, we will not stop and continue to contribute back to the society by helping and protecting it.


The founder and chairman of DELUX, Datuk Dylan Chui, has coincidently went back to his alma mater and found out that the school gate was rusty, old, and almost crumbling. As there are financial issues with the school, the school is unable to change a new gate. So, he thought that he could also help by giving back to his alma mater, and implemented the “Gate to School” programme.

Other CSR Programmes by DELUX