With 18 years of practice, our company is now the leading autogate manufacturer in South East Asia. Delux Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. is now recognized by most consumers and is even being featured in the news, radios, and articles. Check out what was being published by them!

Strive to create the largest trackless autogate system again
26 Jun 2022
Delux offerings for your home
22 Apr 2022
JCI – encourage the young entrepreneur to actively participate
14 Mar 2022
The founder of DELUX, Dylan Chui was awarded the title of DPSM Datuk
7 Dec 2021
The epidemic is shrouded, how can the manufacturing industry break out of the siege?
18 Oct 2021
DELUX Malaysia Exports to 6 Asian Countries
18 Jul 2021
Four major home furnishing brands form an alliance
21 Jul 2019
The power of four in one
19 Jul 2019
Four Leading Home Furnishings Brands announce their collaboration
18 Jul 2019
The four brands launched the “Home Furnishing Alliance Platform”!
18 Jul 2019
The residence glows like the poles of the night sky
30 Apr 2019
Only DELUX is irreplaceable!
19 Apr 2019
Trackless smart electric door makes safety upgrade
8 Jun 2018
Delux all-aluminium electric door with triple security function.
31 May 2018
Electricity outage, how do I open my gate?
3 Apr 2018
National development can drive the economy and crime rate upward
29 Mar 2018