Every life is precious. We care We share

Every life is precious. We care We share, Delux
Founder of DELUX Mr Dylan Chui (middle) & Founder of SENZ Ms Katrine Leong (second from left)

Under the influence of the epidemic, more and more people are facing poverty and distress. And many people were bitten by the bullet! DELUX and SENZ really want to show our cares for such people who are bravely facing their life.

Every life is precious. We care We share, Delux
(DELUX & SENZ packed 200 packs of food stuff)

On before 22nd of July, DELUX and SENZ worked together to prepared 200 packs of food stuff to those in need. Through these actions, we hope we could land our hand on these people who are being ignored.

In order to quickly distribute food to those in need. We found the Selangor Community Policing chief Mr Kuan Chee Heng ‘Uncle Kentang’ and ‘Taste Fully Food Expo’ to work together. Through the societies to distribute the foods. These two societies are different from the Food Bank concept. They will directly deliver food to households in need. Doing so can prevent crowds from gathering, and at the same time reduce the occurrence of infected groups.

Every life is precious. We care We share, Delux
We Care We Share – (200packs of food distributed to those people in need)

DELUX core value: Gratitude and cherish. Grateful people live happier and more fulfilling lives.

We hope everyone can stay safe, stay healthy. Especially in this epidemic and don’t forget to spend time with your parents and treat them well.

Once again to give thanks to ‘Uncle Kentang & Taste Fully Food Expo’. Thank you very much for your support and help to society.

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