DT804W – Double Door


  • Size Available

    • 6' X 7'

    • 6' X 7' 10"

    • 6' X 9'

    • 8' X 7' 10"

    • 8' X 9'

  • Frame

    • DBrown

      Dark Brown

    • DGrey

      Dark Grey

    • MBlack

      Mistry Black

    • MBlue

      Midnight Blue

    • PWhite

      Pure White

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DT804W – Double Door

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Aluminium doors are extremely durable, and are not prone to cracks or other imperfections that result from misuse, pressure, or harsh weather conditions. It is constructed from an architectural grade aluminium alloy that is up to 6 times stronger than wrought iron door and completely impervious to all rust and corrosion.


The obvious benefit of DELUX AlutechDoor security doors is the protection it provides. DELUX AlutechDoor provides protection against burglary or forced entry. With the remarkable secure lock system and anti-prying nail to enhance the security purpose.

Lighten Up The Space

More light enters the house by closing the security door while leaving the little door open. This can brighten the appearance of a space, making its appearance larger, and boost the mood of ones who live there.

Quick Emergency Exit

DELUX AlutechDoor security door provides a quick emergency exit function whenever an emergency occurred. It can be unlocked in a way that no key is needed while you want to quickly exit from the house.

and of course

Environmentally Friendly
Sound Proof

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