Trackless Folding Gate

Trackless Folding Gate, Delux

In recent times, it has become a norm for every house to install an automatic gate, although it comes with a hefty price tag. It not only makes life more convenient, but also adds a luxurious feel to the entire outlook of the house.

However, most conventional gates seem to look perfect on the outside until over the years, common problems start to emerge, especially when the tracks and rollers begin to sink, damaging beautiful and expensive flooring, and when dirt gets trapped in the track.

To counter this, DELUX has introduced the UniGate – the first fully-aluminium trackless folding gate system.

With innovation being the main focus, DELUX has managed to contrive the design of UniGate with the capability to open wider than 100 degrees. Besides this, the hot-dip galvanized and premium powder coat on the gate keeps it rust-free.

An exceptional quality of the UniGate system is that it uses 20 highly durable bearings as opposed to an ordinary system, which only uses 12 bearings. This allows the gate to have flawless flexibility.

To further impress, it also comes with adjustable hinges and a durable 24 locking point and three-turning point arm, which secures two panels of the gate, making it a better option.

The trackless design takes less than 50% of space in the courtyard and offers a wider opening degree. The gate is enhanced further by security features, such as a built-in alarm system with a remote control operator and a panic button for emergency use.

A pre-set auto close timer helps prevent strangers from entering the home. It is also useful for those who may forget to close the gate after opening it.

Another intelligent feature of the gate, which might just put it ahead of the rest, is that the system is equipped with an auto reverse sensor that will detect any object in between the gates. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary mishaps such as children getting trapped in between the gates.

UniGate is entirely screw fabricated, so no welding is involved and its 48-hour backup power for uninterrupted power supply makes the UniGate a distinctive work made for your peace of mind.