The Trusty UniGate

The Trusty UniGate, Delux

Automatic folding gates are convenient for those living in landed properties. However, one of the disadvantages is that they require tracks and rollers, which tend to sink after several years.

The sinking tracks impair the smooth operation of the gate, in addition to marring the appearance of the floor tiling with rust and dirt. Additionally, many automatic gates take up more space than homeowners can afford. As many urban dwellers may well know, space (or the lack thereof) can be quite an issue.

The good news is you do not have to worry about this problem with trackless wonder UniGate by DELUX.

Here’s how UniGate can benefit you:

  1. It leaves no tracks behind, prevents slipup and accidents, especially for your children.
  2. Trackless folding gate system is easy to clean.
  3. Trackless folding gate system offers a wider opening degree (more than 100 degrees) for car access.
  4. Peace of mind – allows you to control the alarm system by remote control.
  5. Prevent strangers from entering your home by pre-setting the auto close timer.
  6. A unique system lock function to prevent children from accidentally opening the gate.
  7. Secure and durable wall support with 24 locking points.
  8. Auto reverse sensor for child safety.
  9. 48 hours backup power for an uninterrupted operation.
  10. HD-450 galvanised for anti-rust protection, no more worries about rusty maintenance
  11. Smoother operation with 24-piece bearing system.
  12. Innovative design with stylish appearance.
  13. 10 years extended warranty
  14. Uses 50% less space compared to a conventional gate.
  15. Fast opening and closing (10 seconds)