Secure And Stylish Gates

PIONEER in UniGate innovation, DELUX Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd introduced the trusted brand in 2009 as the first fully aluminum trackless folding gate system. The system is patented (MY-144605- A) and made in Malaysia. This is an award-winning product that has seen innovation and design being given the HOMEDEC Quality Award seal in 2009 and 2013.

Trackless Wonder: Unlike common gates, the UniGate supports opening and closing up to 30ft (9.1m) in width without having to follow a standard track built into the floor of the driveway. With the conventional gate, over the years, common problems will emerge, especially when the tracks and rollers begin to sink, damaging beautiful and expensive flooring. It gets worst when dirt gets trapped in the track, making the focal point of your home unsightly. Durable, double-security features: The UniGate by DELUX is unlike another ordinary gate system. This fully aluminum gate is steady, steadfast and made using a “pulse-welding process” – a Geman Technology that ensures the aluminum and welding is finished to optimum standards. This makes it hard for robbers to break in.

The UniGate is also equipped with a customized three-point arm locking system. This revolutionized locking system provides a secure grip on the gate panels. It acts like a deadbolt that will keep burglars out. This three-point arm locking system reinforces the UniGate’s reliability in keeping the family out of harm’s reach. There is another reason to install a UniGate for homes, especially for those who are afraid the automatic gate would not shut properly. The UniGate is fitted with a harden stopper to stabilize the gate system. This will ensure the gate is always in locking state while it is closed. There should be no fear that the gate will accidentally unlock itself due to human intrusion, or even when the gate gets disturbed by natural forces. The gate will remain locked for the harden stopper will make sure it is always in its right position.

With DeLUX’s cutting-edge engineering, the UniGate has the capability in opening wider than 100˚, unlike others that only open to 90˚. UniGate is enhanced further with security features such as a panic button for emergency use and a 48-hour backup power for uninterrupted power supply.

As demand for the UniGate increases, it is now available at various location all over Malaysia For more information, call 03-80668804 or 03-80749782, or check out