Safety Is A Priority

Safety Is A Priority, Delux

New models of automated gates are launched every year with the latest design and additional functions. Despite a wide choice of automated gate designs, the security function remains top priority.

For practical function and design that reflects individual taste, DELUX UniGate has plenty to offer.

Security and safety matter most when it comes to automated gates. Conventional automated gates do not incorporate an alarm system.

The only function of traditional automated gates is to open and close with a remote control. The new DELUX UniGate includes a built-in alarm system which can control and monitor the gate with the auto-close timer.

Conventional automated gates rely on a controller, which is the main cause of most accidents due to carelessness.

But with UniGate, you do not need to worry. Integrated with an Internal Auto Reverse Sensor that can automatically sense physical contact and will cease operation immediately when it’s blocked. This technology can be found in modern lifts and vehicles.

Design-wise, the conventional autogate has a typical, dull design that cannot be easily changed and inconvenient for daily cleaning.

With UniGate, patterns and designs can be changed according to the owner’s preference.

It also offers more than 100 different patterns that are also inter-changeable. The DELUX UniGate trackless folding design, which is in the process of patent application, differs from conventional automated gates.

A conventional gate requires a rail which can trap water and dirt and can cause accidents. With the UniGate trackless concept, accidents will be minimised. It saves on installation time and cuts down gate opening process.

Nowadays, consumer products are designed to fit consumers’ needs and promote a better lifestyle.

As opposed to conventional automated gates which create noise from the track and roller, the UniGate trackless folding gate system is a noise-free auto-gate. And if there is any suspicious character who attempts to open the gate by force, it’ll trigger the alarm and alert your neighbourhood. Thus, the possibility of break-ins will be cut down. UniGate promotes protection and security within your neighbourhood with its all-new DELUX UniGate.