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Another great advantage that we get from using the trackless folding gate is that it makes our property extremely safe. In most of burglary and theft, it has been seen that the thief normally targets those houses with weaker security, one of the most examples is the manual gate. Therefore, having an advanced technology automatic gate system prevents break-ins and makes your property safe for you.


DELUX trackless folding gate supports up to 40 feet wide open and closes without having to follow a standard track built into the floor of your driveway. With a conventional gate, over the years, common problems will emerge, especially when the tracks and rollers begin to sink, damaging beautiful and expensive flooring. It gets worse when dirt gets trapped in the track and affected the rollers frequently running out from the track.


DELUX Apps is one of the creative innovations from DELUX that provide an instant preview of your preferred gate design on your house through the mix & match feature in the app. You can match up more than 1,250 gate designs with different colour combinations which best match your house exterior. We provide you with a reliable gate purchasing experience. Most importantly, DELUX provides diversified trackless autogate that would solved the gate issues faced by customers.