No Tracks, No Troubles

No Tracks, No Troubles, Delux

When furnishing a home, the exterior furnishings such as the gate and roof often rank low on our list of priorities. But did you know that exterior furnishings are a form of security for your home and family members?

DELUX’s UniGate offers a trackless automatic folding gate that has additional features to tighten security for the home.

Trackless wonder

With more than 10 years of experience in exterior furnishing for the home, DELUX understands the homeowner’s demands and strives to offer solutions with its products. UniGate is the only trackless folding gate in the market that promises a cost-effective solution.

Unlike conventional gates, the trackless feature means that there are no rollers. The trackless design takes less than 50% of space in the courtyard and offers a wider opening degree. The gate has enhanced security features such as a built-in alarm system that can be operated by remote control with a panic button for emergencies. A pre-set auto close timer helps prevent strangers from entering the home. An auto reverse sensor will automatically stop the gate from closing if a child (or adult) suddenly runs towards the gate. A unique system lock function will prevent children from pressing the “Open” button.

The gate is secured and durable with 24 locking points. It has anti-rust protection, 48-hour backup power for uninterrupted operation and is energy-saving and maintenance free with 10 years’ warranty.

Trendy polyroof

Another product line is the range of polycarbonate skylights, particularly the highgrade Sukaiyo. With the choice of roofing materials and comprehensive range of frames, polyroof by DELUX complements buildings and structures of all kinds.

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