Keep Your Family And Property Safe

THERE are more to gates than just being pretty feature outside the house as it acts as a safety net and is the first defense for homes.

It should keep the family protected, and there is nothing more secure than a UniGate by DELUX.

With the advent of burglars being more daring than before and burglaries being a common ordeal for homeowners, having a reliable and not the easily breakable gate can help make homes the safe haven that many expect them to be.

What most burglars look for before breaking into a home is how little defense there are for them to break through.

With the UniGate in place, burglars will be discouraged from even trying.

The UniGate by DELUX is unlike other ordinary gates, as it is made fully out of aluminum, is steady, steadfast and made using a “Pulse Welding Process”.

It is a German Technology, that ensures the aluminium and welding finish to be at optimum standards, making it hard for robbers to break in.

The UniGate is also equipped with a customized three-point arm locking system.

This revolutionized locking system provides a secure grip on gate panels and acts like a deadbolt that keeps burglars out.

This three-point arm locking system reinforces the UniGate’s reliability in keeping the family out of harm’s reach.

On top of the three-point arm locking system, UniGate also comes with a middle latch that enhances its already bountiful safety features.

This extra middle latch gives owners a double protection to prevent forced break-ins. Having two tight locking systems instead of just one flimsy and rather easy to kick-in piece will certainly prevent homes from being targets for burglaries from the start.

There is another reason to install a UniGate for the home, especially for those who are constantly afraid that the automatic gates would not close properly.

The UniGate by DELUX is fitted with a harden stopper that will stabilize the gate systems.

By stabilizing the gate systems, it will ensure the gate is always in the locked state while it is closed.

There should be no worry that the gate will accidentally unlock itself due to human intrusion, or even when the gate gets disturbed by natural forces.

The gate will remain locked for the harden stopper will do its job in making sure the gates are always in the right position.

There are so much more reasons to equip the home with a UniGate by DELUX, but the three points mentioned should suffice.

Protection for homeowners and their families should be the top priority and be having a reliable gate is an assurance that should not be compromised.


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