Everything You Need to Know about Automatic Gates

In recent trends, it becomes important for every house owner to think of a house gate as a protector of the households from many threats such as robbery. The gates that operate automatically helps house owners to enter and exit their house with ease. But above all,the automatic feature makes sure that the gate is constantly kept closed to prevent any suspicious movements inside the house.

1. What are Automatic Gates?

  • Automatic gates, otherwise known as electrical gates are gates that can be opened and closed through the use of an electric powered mechanism. 
  • Automatic gates are typically used and found in entrances of buildings, such as houses, mansions, or any form of living housing estates. 

2. What are the mechanisms that can be found and used in automatic gates?

  • The automatic gate’s opener implements a device that integrates mechanical and electrical systems. 
  • The function of the mechanical component is to push the automatic gate in the directions set whereas the electrical system is used to provide movement of the mechanical parts with energy.
  • There are two versions of automatic gate opener drive system operator.
    • The first one is the torque motor. This type of system operator is usually available and found in  the market. Through the implementation of electrical inputs or 12-Volt battery supply, this can be functioned. 
    • The second type of system operator is the belt mechanism. The Belt Mechanism is the most up-to-date technology that works safely and efficiently. The bolt mechanism is also operated by electrical supply.

3. How many types of automatic gates are available?

There are 7 types of automatic gates available, which are: –

  • The slide gate
  • The swing gate
  • The Cantilever gate
  • The bi-folding gate
  • The vertical lift gate
  • The vertical pivot lift gate
  • The barrier arm gate

4. Why do some people install automatic gates at their houses?

  • While some people like installing automatic gates because they like the way automatic gates look as the gate door of their residential areas.
  • However, automatic gates also have their own beneficial uses, for example automatic gates help keep animals and strangers out, as well as protects household pets and/or children from wandering out into the streets. 
  • When one would inquire for security reasons, some would also need passwords to unlock the automatic gates.
  • Additionally, some people would agree that automatic gates are a lot more convenient than a door that you need to unlock manually. 

5. Can I install an automatic gate on my own?

  • The answer is no, as  it is very difficult to install a gate automation system on your own. 
  • You would have to seek professional help for installing automatic gates. 
  • If you still wish to do the installation process by yourself, then you can simply read the instructions manual that comes with the motor system. 
  • It is important to follow the step by step instructions carefully, and you will be with a full-proof automated gate. 
  • If you have your gates on the slope, then it is strongly recommended you need to seek professional assistance.

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