Elegant Gates Come With Security Features

Elegant Gates Come With Security Features, Delux

Many people disregard the idea of having an automated gate because the existing market options are either with plain designs or happen to be out of their price range. However, now, automated gates are available at an affordable price and come in eye-catching designs and styles.

Aside from being captivated by beautiful designs, homeowners should not forget the system and features of a gate.

UniGate by DELUX is a trusted brand and manufacturer in Malaysia.

In year 2009, UniGate was awarded for their innovative trackless folding gate system, a new innovation in the market. They received good feedback from customers.

The beauty and elegance of the UniGate design collection suit most homes. The privacy and security features also make UniGate a smart investment.

The security feature can help lower the insurance premium for a home.

There are other additional features for the gate such as the child-safe feature which has an auto reverse sensor, material potentially rust-free for no further maintenance costs and the hassle-free with adjustable hinges.

UniGates open wide for easy car entry. The square arm support can save at least half the space used by a conventional gate.

DELUX also offers an extendable warranty of up to 10 years, at a minimal rate on the main structure and other parts.