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Conventional Gate

DELUX offering aluminium gate in different type and design.

When deciding on a gate you need to consider many factors- opening size, security level, whether it should be horizontal slide, swing or folding, and even the material of the gate itself. The facts regarding physical properties and internal mechanisms show that the material you select for your gate may be the most crucial decision of all.

DELUX with customized aluminium frame with thicker and harder inner support and Welded Aluminium Frame for stronger support, unlike non-welded assembled standard aluminium frame causes unstable frame support. DELUX offering aluminium gate in swing, folding or sliding.

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Why aluminium?

No Rust

Aluminum does not rust like iron, which is classified as a ferric metal which will oxidize and rust. Aluminum is not a ferric metal and will not rust. It’s estimated that aluminum can will take over 10,000 years to disintegrate. Even galvanized steel can rust in some areas. While all the joints in a steel gate may be welded, each joint is painted with only a cold galvanizing paint that breaks down over time. When the joints are exposed to rain and sun, the breakdown process speeds up, decreasing the gate’s product life.

Low Maintenance

Unlike wrought iron gate, aluminum will not need to be painted, but wrought iron gate need painted every year. When manufactured, our aluminum gate come with multiple protective coats including a premium outdoor powder coating that will last without needing to be repainted. While wrought iron gates may be an acceptable choice in certain situations, your investment in a quality aluminum product is one that will deliver benefits for years to come.

Light weight

For example, the use of aluminium in vehicles reduces dead-weight and energy consumption while increasing load capacity. Its strength can be adapted to the application required by modifying the composition of its alloys. Material properties such as light weight combined with high strength and resistance to corrosion contribute to low environmental loading. After iron, aluminium is now the second most widely used metal in the world.