Gate to School Programme


The founder and chairman of DELUX, Datuk Dylan Chui, got invited to his primary school, SRJK(C) Han Ming Puchong. In the conversation with the school, he learned that most of the funds are used for maintenance and addition of school facilities, and sometimes there will be insufficient funds, not to mention the school gates that require a large amount of money. In addition, he saw that the school gate was rusty, old, and almost crumbling. He was worried that students would accidentally bump into and get injured when passing by or the gate would collapse, so he thought that he could also help. While giving back to the primary school, it can also provide a gate that can ensure the safety of students. Plus, he also adhered to the spirit of “taken from the community, and giving it back to the society”, and implemented the “Gate to School” programme.


Be grateful. We return what we gained from the society


Giving the youth a better, safer and comfortable learning environment


1. Sponsor 100 schools that in need to replace their school gates

  • School is a place where students learn and grow happily, and the gate is an entrance for them to go in and out from the school, so we hope to be the first line of defense to protect the safety of the students. While doing so, the teachers are more at ease as well.

2. Improve the image of the school

  • Replacement of school facilities to give the school a new image
  • While improving the safety factor of the school, the image of the school will also be improved, and parents’ confidence in the school will also increase.

If your school is one of them, please fill out the application form below to apply!


SJK (C) Confucian

SJK (T) Puchong BT14

SJK (C) Chung Kwok KL

SJK (C) Han Ming

SJK (C) Kheng Chee

SJK (C) Taman Connaught


SK (L) Jalan Batu