Perfection may not exist, but we should exist in the pursuit of perfection

Perfection may not exist, but we should exist in the pursuit of perfection, Delux

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you’ve imagined.

And this is where our story begins.

DELUX began with awnings in 2004. During that year, whenever we went to install our awnings, we always heard customers complain about their gate frequently derailing from the track, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, we made the decision to create a trackless folding autogate system, hoping to solve the homeowners’ current issue. However, we were questioned, distrusted, and even denied by the market. There is this saying, “After every storm, there is a rainbow.” In 2009, DELUX trackless folding autogate is finally born! It also received a patent in 2011 and pioneered the trackless folding autogate trend.

During this period, we continue to seek advice, examine ourselves, and strive to improve every day. We know that double-sided welding is relatively stable, so we travel abroad to other countries to study and purchase machines at any cost. We know the Turning Arm Lock System provides greater security, so we conducted research and development and obtained a patent. All of this is simply just to increase the stability of our autogate. The autogate will not shake when opened and closed, even if it is 36 feet long, and an autogate that will not fall even if someone stand or sit on it.

Struggle is our most beautiful background. There is no such thing as best quality, best design, or best service in this world. Instead, there will be only better quality, design, and service! We know that only through continuous research, development, and upgrading can we produce more and more high-quality products. Only when you and I have a better encounter and acquaintance can you enjoy year-round worry-free products and 365-day services. Finally, it allows us to remain together.

Perfection is a type of demand; it is a demand for quality, design, and service. It is also a goal for DELUX itself. DELUX, always moving forward and making progress…