JCI Pearl Women Entrepreneur Award

JCI Pearl Women Entrepreneur Award, Delux

On 28 August 2022, we were invited to join the JCI Pearl Women Entrepreneur Awards organized by Junior Chamber International Pearl (Malaysia) and we are honored to win 2 awards in total, including Women Entrepreneur Inspirational Award and Team Excellence Awards, at Eastin Hotel, Penang. Our managing director, Wendy Chui has also been interviewed by JCI Pearl on her successful journey and achievement in bringing up the name of Delux Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd.

During the interview, Wendy mentioned that she’s the eldest daughter in her family and she had to help her parents out since she was young. As they grow, Wendy was determined to alter the financial status of her family, along with her brothers. With no experience in the autogate industry, Wendy is able to overcome difficulties and challenges thanks to her family, particularly her husband, for their continuous support. Hence, DELUX is able to achieve today’s achievements.

The atmosphere of the interview section quickly becomes warm and touchy, when Wendy mentioned that the factory went from building up with 3 brothers and sister with only 2,000 sqft in size, into a 100,000 sqft factory with a team of more than 200 people. DELUX has successfully become the largest autogate manufacturer in Southeast Asia, thanks to everyone on the team who made an effort for the past 18 years. Wendy believes they will achieve more than that, as the team is moving towards for a more ambitious goal.

JCI Pearl Women Entrepreneur Award, Delux

Corporate culture is crucial and affects how a corporate is performing, says Wendy. It establishes the height and depth of the company and the 6 main cultures in DELUX which are:

  • 1% improvement every day
  • Creating WOW services for every customer
  • High Execution
  • Punctuality and Trustworthiness
  • Teamwork
  • Gratitude and Cherish

In order to put those six cultures into effect, DELUX held various activities such as DELUX Learning Group, which enables everyone to learn and improve together.

After 3 years of R&D, DELUX successfully launched the first fully aluminium trackless folding gate in year 2009, and the system is patented by Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO). The innovation of the trackless folding gate is to solve the current issues faced by the homeowners, such as derailment, track sinking, etc.

Even though the launching of the trackless folding gate is able to overcome the traditional gate’s problems, many consumers including people within the field were having doubts about the product, whether will it be stabilized and durable enough to function since there is no track and roller to support the gate. Wendy then mentioned that DELUX has been educating and promoting the concept of the trackless folding gate, inclusive of continuous developing and improving the existing product, DELUX has come out with Malaysia’s first 6 panels folding gate and in-fold gate.

Lastly, DELUX’s future target is to become the Leader in Smart and Safety Home Products. The new showroom with 50,000 sqft will be ready by year 2023 to showcase DELUX products and smart home system for better customer shopping experiences, to attract more customers and partners to acknowledge DELUX, and aim to be listed in Malaysia Ace Board by year 2025.

JCI Pearl Women Entrepreneur Award, Delux

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