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Click the image to view more 【商业资讯】 国家发展能带动经济向上,但犯罪率也会普遍增加,居家安全自然成为人们的优先考量 国家发展能带动经济向上,但犯罪率也会普遍增加,居家安全自然成为人们的优先考量,从篱笆到电动门,是有地房屋的基本防线。 要让安全升级,或许可以考虑无轨智能电动门。 和传统电动门不同的是,DELUX无轨智能电动门由不同国家进口的加工机械制成,制造技术稳定、误差少,就连材质也是上等原料,加上保安功能极佳,电动门品质有目共睹。  

Electricity Outage, How Do I Open My Gate?

Click the image below to view more Electricity outage, how do I open my gate? Rusty gate, engine stuck and electricity outage, these are the problems faced by most people when using an autogate So how are these problems solved by Delux ?

Kediaman Bercahaya Seperti Kutub Angkasa Malam

Click the image to view more Puchong: Pintu pagar bukan hanya berfungsi melindungi apa yang ada di dalam pagar dari bahaya yang mengancam dari luar pagar tetapi kini menjadi antara tarikan yang diambil keutamaan untuk kediaman. Ada pintu pagar kelihatan bercahaya dengan kerlipan lampu LED pada waktu malam hingga membuatkan penghuni tersenyum puas melihat keindahannya […]

Wah! Cantiknya Pintu Pagar Ini!

Click the image to view more Wah! Cantiknya pintu pagar ini! Terang gemilang macam cahaya kutub di angkasa malam! Ia ialah Pintu Pagar Tanpa Trek DELUX Aurora! Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut berkenaan rekaan yang cukup inovatif dan moden ini, kunjungi @ DELUX Malaysia Home Products Layari

Trackless Folding Gates

AS a pioneer in its Unigate innovation, DeLUX introduces a trusted brand since 2009 and the first fully gate system. UniGate by DeLUX is a trackless folding gate system patented (MY-144605-A) and made in Malaysia. This award-winning product has seen its innovation and design being given the HOMEDEC Quality Award seal in 2009 and 2013. […]

Trackless Tech

IN recent times, it has become a norm for every house owner to install an automatic gate despite the hefty price tag. It not only makes life more convenient but it also instantly adds a luxury feel to the entire outlook of the house. DeLUX, patented brand since 2009, introduces the first trackless folding gate […]

Hi-Tech Quality Gate

Over the year, conventional gates have emerging common problems, especially when the tracks and rollers sink, damaging beautiful and expensive flooring. It gets worst when dirt gets trapped in the track, making the focal point of your home unsightly. As a pioneer in UniGate innovation, DeLUX introduced the first fully aluminum trackless folding gate system. […]

Secure and stylish gates

PIONEER in Unigate innovation, Delux Structural introduced the trusted brand in 2009 as the first fully aluminum trackless folding gate system. The system is patented (MY-144605- A) and made in Malaysia. This is an award-winning product that has seen innovation and design being given the HOMEDEC Quality Award seal in 2009 and 2013. Trackless Wonder: […]

Keep Your Family And Property Safe

THERE are more to gates than just being pretty feature outside the house as it acts as a safety net and is the first defense for homes. It should keep the family protected, and there is nothing more secure than a UniGate by DeLUX. With the advent of burglars being more daring than before and […]

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