DELUX® Unitect

DELUX® UniTect - The 1st Fully Aluminium Security Door System

More and more families are investing in alarm systems and security doors in order to protect their home, their family, and their possessions from forced entries and burglaries. Many burglars prefer to use the front door when executing a robbery, so it is important to add any elements of protection you can.  Installing a security door is an excellent way to ramp up your protection while avoiding the long-term monthly fees of an alarm system. Though it may seem simple, a heavy duty security door may be enough to cause prospective robbers to pass on your home in search of an easier target. Security doors are an excellent, low cost preventative measure that provides a great deal of benefits to your home.

A door in essence, is the solitary barrier between your spatial security and insecurity. When it comes to safety and security for the home and office, it is advisable to always practice the highest level of caution. Therefore, if you’re seeking to provide the best protection for your properties and your family, DELUX® UniTect security door system is here for you.


DELUX® UniTect come with 3D extrusion aluminium frame in 3mm thickness, plus extrusion aluminium door leaf in 3mm. Aluminium doors are extremely durable, and are not prone to cracks or other imperfections that result from misuse, pressure, or harsh weather conditions. DELUX® UniTect security door is constructed from an architectural grade aluminum alloy that is up to 6 times stronger than wrought iron door and completely impervious to all rust and corrosion, making it far and away the best lifetime value for your home.


The obvious benefit of DELUX® UniTect security doors is the protection it provides. DELUX® UniTect providing protection against burglary or forced entry. With the remarkable secure lock system and anti-prying nail to enhance the security purpose.


Closing the security door but leaving the small door open allows more light to enter the home. This can brighten up the appearance of a space, make it look larger, as well as improve the temperament of those in the home.


Alongside a wide range of colours, DELUX® UniTect security doors are available in a range of designs to suit any aesthetic, from ultra modern to traditional. DELUX® UniTect security door replaceable panel can be quickly exchangeable whenever you want to maintain your house fashionable outlook.


DELUX® UniTect security door provide quick emergency exit whenever any emergency happen. It can be unlock in a way without key while you wat to quick exit from the house.