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DELUX® Polyroof

The DELUX® Polyroof provides not just practical roofing solutions,
but also enhances your home’s façade.

Living in a tropical country like ours isn’t all beautiful skies and cloudy days. Tropical climate is temperamental at best, but on really bad days, you’ll either get drenched from the torrential rain or burned black from the blazing sun. This is the very reason why many homeowners are inclined to extend the exterior of their houses, be it the porch, sides, backyard, garden or balcony areas for convenience and sometimes even for safety’s sake.
DELUX® POLYROOF offers modern roofing with a range of exciting and contemporary roof that lets you utilize outdoor areas with desired look with a selection of elegant metal pergolas, or the minimalist glass roofs, aluminium composite roof and DELUX® POLYROOF X25.
DELUX® POLYROOF is available in various shapes, sizes and colors for any types of homes. DELUX® POLYROOF may be the perfect choice when covering any open outdoor area making it bigger, wider and more beautiful.

Metal Pergola

DELUX® POLYROOF metal pergola will give your home a modern outlook which will enhance your home’s façade the way you want it. It’s a simple and cost effective solution. Our polycarbonate metal pergola fixtures are lightweight, portable, durable, highly resistant to weather elements and easily installed. It’s perfect for all residential units and makes a great porch.
All metal pergolas are flat in design. DELUX® POLYROOF’s Sukaiyo polycarbonate skylight is made from revolutionary materials and pure ingredients. Sukaiyo offers metallic brown polycarbonate that provide protection from ultraviolet rays

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Aluminium composite roof

Aluminuim composite sheets is a lightweight panel material which is designed for exterior applications. It can be building up external walls, building redecoration, ceiling canopies, elevator wall and much more.
DELUX® POLYROOF aluminium composite roof are highly resistant to heat & UV. Also it helps reduce the rain sounds. It’s high strength material which is excellence with soundproof and heat resistance. It is unbreakable, stain resistant and weather resistant.

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Laminated glass roof

Laminated glass is produced by combining two or more sheets of float glass with one or more interlayers. Glass integrity is maintained from a ‘laminated’ interlayer, commonly Poly Vinyl Butyl (PVB). DELUX® POLYROOF laminated glass roofing is one of the most attractive and unique feature that you can bring to your home. It’ll provide you natural lighting that allows you to enjoy a stunning view. Should any damage occur, the interlayer holds any fragments together preventing them from falling, reducing injury risk even further.

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One of DeLUX’s DELUX® POLYROOF topnotch structure is the DELUX® POLYROOF X25. DELUX® POLYROOF X25 are Bayer high performance premium engineered polycarbonate sheet. Heat resistance is the prime significance of the 25mm polycarbonate, provide higher-level heat resistance and better soundproof for rain noise reduction. Aside from that, the DELUX® POLYROOF X25 can also withstand high impacts although it’s made of light weight features. In addition, this roofing solution is layered with UV protection that prevents it from yellowing and quick deterioration. It is available in various design and comes in different material structure such as metal and aluminium. This is the best choice roof material for the tropical climate of Malaysia.

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