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DELUX® Airgate

Basic trackless folding gate system

As a market develops, consumers become more experienced and discerning and look for more benefits from the products they choose. Thrus , In year 2014 , DELUX® has once again created another best innovative basic trackless system to suit any customer's needs and budgets - DELUX® Airgate.

The DELUX® Airgate opens and closes without having to follow a standard track built into the floor of your driveway. Gone are the days of hacking of floor tiles and welding works for the track installation as the whole system gives home owners a hassle-free installation as well as preventing damages to their houses.

Size supported

Up to 18 feet width and 7 feet height

No track, no roller, no trouble, no worries!

Normal gate tracks usually sink or the rollers get unhinged after a few years of usage. DELUX® Airgate allows for easy garage cleaning as dirt is not trap in. Water flows easily without hindrance and sweeping dirt out becomes a breeze.

High security technology

DELUX® Airgate is equipped with a customize 2 turning point arm locking system. This revolutionized locking system provides a secure grip on each gate panels making it hard for robbers to break-in.

No repaint needs

The DELUX® Airgate's finish with premium hard outdoor powder- coating to withstand for the hot and wet Malaysia climate, ensures a more resistant on chipping, scratching, fading and there’s no painting maintenance are required.

Quality ensure

DELUX® Airgate’s aluminium frame done with ‘ pulse welding process ‘ – a German technology that ensure the inner & outer of aluminium frame is welded in optimum standard. DELUX® Airgate's used reinforce aluminium 3mm thick frame for stronger support.

Power backup

DELUX® Airgate comes with 24-hour back-up power for uninterrupted operations.

Durable Support

Customized pillar support with 11 locking points to balance the weight of the gate on the pillar.

180 Adjustable

With DELUX® cutting-edge engineering cast adjustable hinges allow vertically and horizontally adjustment and it can be adjust the level of gate on uneven pillar.

Enhance lifespan of Motor

Build in with 30pcs heavy duty copper bush bearing for smooth operation and enhance life-span of motor.

Keep your family & property safe

With the 2 turning point arm lock system and anti-force latch provide you a double protection that will prevent force break-in and the secure stopper will stabilize the gate system to ensure the gate is in locking state always while it is closed.