Transforming Creative Designs into Reality

Innovation lies at the core of DELUX® Stainless Steel’s culture. Over the years, this translated into technological breakthroughs, creative innovations, and advanced safety & security mechanisms DELUX® products and services are renowned for. Your feedback combined with the pursuit of innovation turns concepts into products and services which enhances the customer experience. Always remember that the installation of the DELUX® auto gate, door, or roofing is a major milestone marking a long-term relationship. It is DELUX® standing with you well into the future.

Our Stringent Production Process

Manufacturing Capabilities

All DELUX® products are manufactured in-house at one of two plants in Malaysia. This allows thorough monitoring, quality control, and quality assurance over the fabrication processes. With in-house capabilities, you can be assured of timely delivery of your customisable auto gates, doors, and roofing. These plants cater to the growing demand of both the domestic and international market segments.

Fabrication & Finishing

Powerful treatments are applied to remove soils and residue before the coating process. This results in longer-lasting DELUX® products that are smooth to the touch. The even powder coating method is visibly seamless leaving a strong impression to guests and visitors. DELUX® Stainless Steel also incorporates advanced German robotic two-faced welding technology. This ensures both inner and outer aluminium frames are precisely and optimally welded. Frames that undergo this process have added durability and strength against most impacts.

Customised designs

Differentiate your home with customised DELUX® auto gates, stainless steel security doors, and roofing solutions. You can choose your DELUX® product from a catalogue of current designs developed based on trendy market needs. Dimensions at your home could vary from standard width, height, and length. DELUX® Stainless Steel’s trained advisors would take note of these measurements so you can confirm and receive an auto gate, doors, or roofing that stands out from others and fits perfectly.

Patented Technology & Recognition

Allow DELUX® auto gates – equipped with a patented technology registered with the Malaysian Intellectual Property Organisation (MyIPO) – stand as a testament of your accomplishments and guard your home against wandering eyes. Be among DELUX® Stainless Steel’s satisfied circle of customers whose homes in Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Singapore, and Thailand are adorned by DELUX® products. DELUX® Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd received many prestigious accolades because of their trust and confidence. This drives the DELUX® team to go even further in innovation, design, and delivering exceptional customer experience.

Our Technological Innovations and Breakthroughs

DELUX® Trackless Folding Gate System

D-Trinology System

  • Patented Turning Arm Lock System gives added stability and security for homes.
  • 3-Tier Protection doubles the protection against forced entries and break-ins.
  • AK 122E Liquid Chemical Purification leaves perfect surface coating smooth to the touch and lasts longer.
  • Two-face Welding Technology, a German technology ensures optimal reinforced welding standards.
  • Copper and Stainless Steel Bearing enhances lifespan and smooth operation of the trackless folding gates.

DELUX® Polyroof X25

DELUX® Polyroof X25

  • The Bayer high-performance premium engineered polycarbonate sheet leaves your home cooler with its higher heat resistance.
  • The 25mm polycarbonate sheet dampens the noise during rain and thunderstorm.
  • Lightweight material reduces the load on the house structure and it is able to withstand high impacts from strong winds and suspended debris.
  • The DELUX® PolyProof X25 is treated with UV protective layer to prevent discolorations and deterioration; and homeowners have a choice of a wide variety of chic designs and materials.

DELUX® AlutechDoor 1st Fully Aluminium Security Door System


  • Engineered with 3D extrusion aluminium frame in 3mm thickness, together with 3mm thick door leaves, the DELUX® AlutechDoor is extreme durable and is not prone to cracks or other defects caused by misuse, pressure or harsh weather conditions.
  • The architectural grade aluminium alloy in DELUX® AlutechDoor is proven to be 6 times stronger than wrought iron doors.
  • It is completely rust-and-corrosion-resistant to provide homeowners the best lifetime value for their homes.