DELUX® Solutions for Your Home

Refining Customer Experience through Design

With DELUX® auto gates, doors, and roofing systems, experience a whole new level of customisation and customer experience. Renovate your home alters the space you have for your auto gate, door, and roofing system. You might end up having “non-standard” dimensions. Through DELUX® auto gates, doors, and roofing system, you can match the design to fit the available space which you have to manoeuvre. Being fully customised goes beyond dimension: why not explore possible patterns, designs, visual textures, and colours? It is possible with the DELUX® expertise.

Standout amongst your neighbourhood with our unique DELUX® UniGate® and UniGate® Lite.

Secure your home with the patented DELUX® UniGate® and the UniGate® Lite. Elevate the aesthetics of your home and impress visitors and passers-by. Standout with your unique design. DELUX® UniGate® is equipped with a three-tiered security system giving you total peace of mind. Even in power failure, know that you can come and go conveniently.

Create a lasting impression with our highly durable DELUX® AlutechDoor

Opt for the DELUX® AlutechDoor and give your house six times the durability of conventional wrought iron doors and stainless steel doors. With the door, create an impressionable backdrop to photos commemorating a visit, festivity, or the special occasion you host. Made from architectural grade aluminium alloy, your main doors are now resistant to rust and corrosion. This also means that your main doors can withstand Malaysia’s tropical climate and weather.

Stay safe and cool with our stylish and trendy DELUX® POLYROOF X25

Have a stylishly cooler home with DELUX® POLYROOF X25. Enjoy higher heat resistance – and reduce your electricity consumption. You can customise the look and move away from the conventional wavy design. More importantly, the DELUX® POLYROOF X25 can withstand the beating of strong winds and surprisingly severe thunderstorms. Let the bold roof colours last longer because DELUX® POLYROOF X25 comes with its own UV-protection layers which prevent discolouration.