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A Culture of Pioneering Innovation

DELUX® Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd is in the business of elevating the ambience of residential spaces through fully customised and crafted auto gates, doors, and roofing. Our company specialises and excels in refining and transforming our customers’ home into a testament of their accomplishments with expert advisory and design services. Driven by the desire to constantly provide innovative solutions, DELUX® Stainless Steel invests in research & development (R&D). Our experts and partners are held at a high standard of excellence ensuring our customers receive the best support and experience all the way. DELUX® products adorn Malaysian homes as well as residences across Asia in countries like Brunei Darussalam, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Singapore, and Thailand.

Enjoy Aesthetics with Security

Enjoy your home knowing that beauty comes with security and safety. Whether it’s at your property’s perimeter, your front door, or above your home, the installation shields you and your loved ones from the elements. You are guided by experienced and highly skilled advisors on what auto gate, doors, and roofing work best for your home and lifestyle choices. These products come complete with the best possible security mechanism to protect your home and loved ones. Strict quality assurance & control in place lets you see and feel the fine finishes that embellish your home.

Guided by Specialists and Experts All the Way

From the moment you call us for a complimentary consultation, all the way through installation, you are guided by highly trained advisors, specialists, and experts. During installation, customers will be briefed by the experienced installation team on the process. Continue to enjoy this support long after your auto gate, doors, and roofing are installed. Whether it is to recommend, design, or troubleshoot, your questions will be addressed by our dedicated team with great care and speed. Are you outside Malaysia? Enjoy similar support from our qualified local partners. DELUX® local partners receive on-going support, guidance, and training from the head office in Malaysia.

Continuous Commitment to Innovation

When you choose DELUX® products to decorate and defend your home, you also want an exceptional customer experience. These include DELUX® auto gates, doors, and roofing systems which constantly push the boundaries of design, practicability, and innovation. Join hundreds of satisfied customers who delight in DELUX® products as a result of massive investments in research & development (R&D). Your environment evolves with the weather, building materials, trends, and experience. The dedicated team behind DELUX® innovate on these feedbacks to deliver high-quality products and customer support structure recognised by credible parties like the Brand Laureate.

Quality Safeguarded

Enjoy uniquely crafted auto gates, doors, and roofing systems that please the sight and are fine to the touch. During fabrication, the DELUX®® product you selected goes through a high-tech process and must meet stringent quality control. Expect consistent fine quality because the DELUX® process incorporates German automation technology. Since the fabrication is 100% done in one of two DELUX®-owned plants, our experienced teams keep a watchfully monitor each stage. Even at the delivery stage, great care is taken during packaging. When you receive your DELUX® auto gate, door, or roofing system, you receive only the best product. Trained experts familiar with the specifications and requirements will install the DELUX® product at your home as smoothly as possible.

Our Vision

DELUX® Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd aspires to be the pioneering innovator of high-quality products to our customers in Malaysia and overseas.

Our Mission

We provide homeowners in Malaysia and abroad with high quality, innovative, and customised auto gates, doors, and roofing system delivered with the utmost care.


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